For information about the ACH payment method press here.

Updating ACH payment method with eezyimport:

For the onboarding process as an eezyimport customer, you need to update the PUN you have been assigned with by the CBP.

You may update your PUN in the process of creating your company profile, or at a later date.

In order to finalize the PUN update you will be asked to upload a copy of the ACH account approval email as received by the CBP-

Statement authorization:


After updating your company profile with the ACH details, you may choose the ACH payment method, or the Paypal method to pay for the duties and fees. In the slight chance, there will be a difference in the duties per the CBP statement, you will be asked to authorize the statement manually. In case you will not authorize the statement on time, the broker will authorize it on your behalf, to prevent you from $50,000 CBP penalties, and activation of the Bond. 


8 days after the cargo is released, you will receive the statement that will include the duties and additional payments demanded by the CBP. Upon the arrival of the statement, you must authorize it at the soonest, and no later than 2 days after receiving it. A failure to authorize the statement on time will subject you to $50,000 CBP penalties and activation of the Bond.  

Important note:

Currently, eezyimport supports ACH debit daily payment only.

That means that upon authorization of the statement, your bank account connected to the ACH payment, will be immediately charged.