ISF flow:

1. Press + or "ADD NEW ISF" or "ISF" in your eezyimport dashboard.

2. Importer information is automatically taken from your currently chosen Company profile.

3. If the Importer is the same as Consignee/Buyer/Ship To, just press the continue button and it will initialize other parties with the Importer information.

If the Importer is not the same as Consignee/Buyer/Ship To you can choose the "Add" button and insert new information per each box.

4. For the Seller page you would need to fill in your seller information (name and address).

We will save this information for your future filings so that the next time you have a shipment from the same seller, all you will need to do is type the first 4 characters and we will autocomplete the rest!

If your Seller is also the Manufacturer/Consolidator/Stuffing Location, simply press the continue button.

If the Seller is not the Manufacturer/Consolidator/Stuffing Location you can choose the "Add" button and enter new information per each box.

*If you have more than one manufacturer, you can add multiple Manufacturers at the Manufacturer's form. 

5. For each manufacturer you will need to add at least one HTS number and Country Of Origin.

6. On the bond page you will be asked to either fill in your existing bond information or purchase a single bond for the specific filing. If you have a bond purchased outside eezyimport, set the Surety Code and reference number for it.

7. In the Shipment Info section, fill in the full Bill of Lading reference, including SCAC and BL number, Learn More.

8. Once you finish filling in the ISF information you will reach the summary page where you will be able to review the ISF before filing it. Go over the information to make sure you used the correct information and haven't missed anything.

9. When the ISF becomes valid you will be allowed to pay through an external secured PayPal interface.

10. After the payment, if successful, the ISF is sent to the CBP.


You can make changes to your ISF whenever you wish to do so, but it is your responsibility to make sure it is approved when your goods arrive.


After the ISF is filed with the CBP you will get a unique CBP Transaction number.


You may send the ISF without a consolidator/ Stuffing location information if you’re missing this information. However, you must complete them later on and no later than 24 hours prior to the arrival date.


You may delete the ISF from the CBP  by choosing the Delete option from your eezyimport account.
The transaction of the ISF will be deleted and the ISF annulled.


We will inform you about the status of the ISF by email and mobile notifications. 

If needed, please take action to correct your ISF.