We offer two Entry Summary modules:

1. Broker Entry - can be used by all types of importers.

2. Self-Entry - can be used by importers that had a Filer Code assigned to them by the CBP.

In order to submit an Entry Summary via Broker module go to eezyimport from any device and choose the Broker Entry option.

Broker Entry handles these cases

  • The customers do not have Filer Code, PUN, and ABI Client Representative.
  • The customers have additional requirements, such as PGA demand. 
  • The customers do not have the US HTS code (classification).

In such cases, you may send your files online to the Broker. 

The process of filing Broker Entry will include signing the POA as defined on the Company page, as well as attaching BL and a commercial invoice. 

Broker Entry includes filling out the shipment and bond information (in case the user has no bond they may purchase one throughout the entry process), payment, and broker review. 

If there will be additional requirements, the broker will inform the user. 

After completing the Entry it is sent to the CBP for duties and fees approval. 

After the user completes duties payment the Entry will be sent to the CBP once again for the Cargo clearance process. 

The user can define the Delivery Order prior to goods clearance and then send the PDF file of details and job order to the trucker. The user will get the same copy as the trucker. 

The whole process is connected to the notification as defined by the user including emails and text messages so that the user is in full control of the process and should follow the needed instructions.


Services prices:

Broker Entry - 65$

Single Entry Bond for shipments with the value of up to $12500 - $70 

*Each additional $ 1000 over $12500  will pay an additional $5

Handle fee for over 5 HTS codes - $ 5 per HTS line

Invoice fee for over 1 invoice - $2 per invoice

Duties and fees - differ by the details (HTS code/ Trade certificate, etc)


In order to submit a self-entry on your own Entry without the participation of a licensed Customs Broker, you need to get a Filer Code from the Main port of entry port director and wait for their response for 10 working days. 

Once the user obtained the Filer Code:

1. The user has to complete the ABI profile update process, connecting the new software provider to the Filer Code. 

2. The user has to set the Payer Unit Number (PUN) in order to enable ACH daily debit payment to the CBP for cargo duties when the Entry Summary is accepted. This process also takes about 10 working days, and the timeline may vary based solely on CBP handling. 


During that period of time, in case a user needs to file an urgent Entry, we at eezyimport.com enable the option of Broker Entry filing.