Importer record may be voided for the following reasons:

  • Duplicate records are on file with CBP.

  • The importer’s Social Security number or Employer Identification number cannot be verified with the appropriate government agency (Social Security Administration or Internal Revenue Service respectively).

  • The importer, their authorized agent (with a valid Power-of-Attorney), or local CBP Officer has requested that the record be voided.

  • CBP has received returned (undeliverable) mail when attempting to contact the importer via the US Postal Service.

  • Failure to respond to CBP requests sent to the name and address listed on the importer record.

Instructions for reactivating: 


Email a completed CBP 5106 along with a valid importer record proof and Power-of-Attorney that is no more than one year old (if 5106 is signed by an Attorney-in-Fact) to  .  The subject line should state ” Void IR# “.

**NOTE: CBP Form 5106 must be signed by an officer of the company (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, CEO, COO, etc.) or a broker with power-of-attorney (POA)**

Relative to the type of importer record number, the following documents are acceptable proof:

  • Social Security Number – A copy of the importer’s Social Security card (front & back). Or submit a copy of the front page of the importer’s most recent tax return.

  • Employee Identification Number (EIN) – Pre-printed documentation received from the U.S Department of Treasury, i.e. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), within the last 12 months that reflects the proper EIN and company name. Examples of IRS tax documentation include the following:147C, 1040, 2363, 941/941V, SS-4, 1065, 8109/8109C, 7004, 355-ES, 1096, 1120/1120S, etc. You can call 1-800-829-0115 in order to obtain EIN verification (form 147C) if necessary.
    Note: W-9 applications, SS-4applications, State documents, and any documentation submitted to the IRS are unacceptable.