CBP form 5106 is a form used to create or update importers’ unique identification information within CBP’s system.

After creating/updating your company profile, the eezyimport system automatically synchronizes the company information with CBP. In case your company is registered with the CBP, we will update it in the system. If your company is not yet registered, we will register the company automatically for free.

It is crucial to insert the correct information such as EIN/SSN and a valid Address, in order to enable filing with the CBP (the address can be checked on Google, and should be entered carefully and accurately for the 5106 registration to succeed).

In case the registration went smoothly, your importer number will be accepted by the CBP, and will be acknowledged in any ISF and Entry items you will file. 

Note that the eezyimport system automatically uses your company as the importer in your ISF and Entry filings. In case you will file under a different company, we will register it for the 5106.

In case the registration did not get accepted, you will get a notification (about 15 minutes after saving the company profile). In order to get the rejection fixed, you will need to update the company information and save the information on the company profile for the system to try registering again.

If an ISF or Entry has been filed during the time the 5106 was not on file, that means that the rejected Importer details have been used for the filing, making it rejected. You will get notifications and explanations inside the ISF/Entry, enabling you to update and the registration details. After fixing the 5106 registration, you will need to resend the ISF/Entry.

Also, be aware, the information of the Importer will be used for a Single Bond purchase if such request took place in the process of filing either ISF or Entry. Due to the specifics of the Single Bond handle, it is bought according to the specific details of the Importer as provided by you, and if the details are incorrect, the Bond will not be valid and you will need to purchase an additional Bond.