As a part of the process, you may upload your shipment documents into the system.

In ISF - the documents can assist the eezyimport support team to overview your filing and advise in case there are any corrections required.

In case you got an ISF form/ Instructions sheet from your Freight Forwarder/ Carrier - that's the best document to upload to the system in order to get assistance from our support team, as it contains the AMS information required for the ISF.

In a Broker Entry - you will need to upload the required documents for the Broker to overview it.

Make sure to upload the following documents to your filing:

1. Commercial Invoice

2. Bill of lading or Airway bill

3. Arrival notice

4. Packing list 

4. POA 

Please limit the files to 5 MB with those extensions:

  1. PDF
  2. GIF
  3. PNG
  4. JPG
  5. JPEG
  6. XLS, XLSX
  7. DOC, DOCX