For you to be able to file your entries without a customs broker whatsoever, you need to have a Filer Code assigned by the CBP.

For the Filer Code application, you need to send a letter of intent to the relevant Port Director (director of the main port of entry of your shipments). The request has to be a written request sent directly from an active importer with a Continuous bond on file with CBP.

CBP's requirements for a self filer code are:

  • Entry Volume: a monthly average for the past 12-month period of 15 entries
  • Entry Value: a total entered value during the past 12 months of $1,000,000 or more

Please note that it is CBP policy to issue a filer code to “importers currently filing a significant

number of entries on a regular basis. Entry filer codes are not assigned to intermittent importers."

See 58 FR 4116, dated January 13, 1993.

*Importers who don't meet the requirements or that had their application denied can still enjoy competitive Entry Summary pricing by using our Broker Entry.