For an explanation about an IT press here.

In case you're filing an Entry Summary and get the following narrative:

This means you checked the VIA checkbox in the Shipment Details section.

The VIA field is only required for shipments in which the entrance port is not the final unload port.

If your shipment requires this field, you will need to fill out the IT bond number and date, as can be found in your
Arrival Notice.

In order to do so, press the 3 dots on the top right corner of the Bill of lading section and choose Edit:

After your redirection to the Bill of Lading section, fill out the In-bond Date and Number inside the selected boxes:


In case your shipments' entrance port is the final unload port - you don't need the IT information for your entry, and can uncheck the VIA field by going back to the Shipment Details section and pressing the Edit button:

After your redirection to the Shipment Details section, uncheck the VIA checkbox and press Save and return-