The Bill of Lading is combined of 3 details -

1. Types of the BL :

  • Master BL (MBL)  

  • House BL (HBL)  

2. SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code)  -  2 to 4 letters carrier code from BOL or AMS Arrival Notice

3. Bill of Lading number - an alphanumeric unique identifier of the carrier/ shipping line assigned to your shipment.

For ISF filing:

One Master Bill of Lading can include Multiple House Bills of Lading. That is why in ISF you need to file the lowest Bill of Lading possible that identifies your shipment - the House.

In case your shipping documents state an HBL AMS number - this is the number to use for your filing.

We recommend filing the Bill Of Lading details as shown in the ISF Form/ Instruction sheet as received from your Freight Forwarder/ Carrier.

Note that sometin,es, the freight forwarder will state the HBL AMS SCAC code separetly from the HBL AMS number, and sometimes, they will put the too toghther.

Here's an example of an ISF form where the HBL SCAC code was written both under the SCAC Code line and on the AMS HBL line. In such a case, when filing your ISF, you must separate the SCAC code from the BL inside your eezyimport ISF and not repeat the number inside the BL number box.

For Entry filing:

If both the Master Bill of Lading and House Bill of Lading are available, they should both be used in the Entry filing.
Make sure to enter the numbers correctly and to the full, including the SCAC and BL numbers for both.