Once you have paid the broker fee, the Entry Summary will be sent to the broker. The broker will review it and make any necessary corrections. If the broker has any questions, they will reach out to you through the broker chat - the chat will also appear within the Entry Summary once you have paid the broker fee.

The broker will enable you to pay for the Entry Bond at the end of the Entry Summary processing. Then, once the bond has been purchased, the broker will allow you to pay the customs duties. Once the duties have been paid, the broker will file for customs release.

Once the CBP has Released your Entry Summary, we will provide you with the Customs Release Documents. Customs Release Documents consist of CBP Form 7501, CBP Form 3461, and ABI Messages. You will be able to download them from the Documents Section of your Entry Summary. You will need to forward the Customs Release Documents to the warehouse where your goods are located. However, Customs Release Documents alone are not enough to collect your goods from the warehouse.

In addition to the Customs Release, which we will provide, you will need to arrange for a Freight Release for your goods. Please contact your Delivery Agent (indicated on the Arrival Notice or your Bill of Lading) for the Freight Release. Once you have secured the Freight Release, please let the warehouse know.

You will also need to email a Delivery Order to the warehouse. You can create it in your eezyimport account. Please click here for the guide on how to create a Delivery Order.